A Crime of Christianity

Christianity teaches gullible children that they are miserable, evil wretches, unworthy of anything good, and deserving of nothing better than death.

For 17 years I worked with High School and Jr. High students at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California. I am still friends with hundreds of them on social media. They are all young adults, trying to figure life out, raising families.

Too often, I see sad posts from these students making statements like “I am nothing but a wretch,” “I don’t deserve God’s love and forgiveness,” and “There is no value in and of myself.”

Of course this Christian human-devaluation is nothing more than a load of horse shit, but the lie works and accomplishes exactly what it is intended to do… to keep people in, to keep them broken and to keep them dependent.

Cults use this tactic.

Stop the cycle. Do not teach these lies to your children. Instead, teach them the truth: Their lives, minds, bodies, and their very existence are all precious beyond measure. If god is as all-knowing as Christians say he is, he would agree.

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